Mega7 Holding Sdn Bhd is a venture capital company that invests in potential startups and established companies, driving them towards accelerated growth. Our multi-disciplinary executive and business strategy gives us the strategic advantage of being able to provide the full spectrum of corporate business intelligence including strategy planning, corporate consultancy, Initial Public Offering (IPO), International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) certification, human capital planning and management, administration support services and in overall corporate transformation exercises.


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We bring companies’ strategies to life, empowering their leadership through multiple resources and strategic exercises to create powerful product-market-customer fits. We redefine the various strategies that may be adapted to further increased productivity, today and into the future.

What We Do

At Mega7 Holding Sdn Bhd, we have established a track record of success that enables us to offer a truly comprehensive portfolio of products and services to our customers. Our core expertise and offerings resonate with the needs of our clients and their markets. We cover a comprehensive spectrum of products and services, including:

Business Model Transformation

Business Investment and Realignment

Corporate Strategy

Business Model Innovation

Brand Identity Design

Strategic Marketing and Communications Services

Event Management and Consultancy

Talent Recruitment and Development

Software Development and Fintech Innovation

Web Applications

Content Marketing