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Mega7 Holding Sdn Bhd nurtures change through the integrated process of creation, reinvention and innovation. We bring companies’ strategies to life, empowering their leadership through multiple resources and strategic exercises to create powerful product-market-customer fits. We redefine the various strategies that may be adapted to further increased productivity, today and into the future.

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(+60)11 51023288


2-3A, Jalan Avenue 3, Avenue Ampang ,68000 Ampang Selangor

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Mega7 Holding Sdn Bhd commits to uncover, develop and groom future leaders who can contribute towards a prosperous Malaysia.

As a venture capitalist cum corporate expert, we serve companies in various sectors, not just in Malaysia but also regionally. Our team members have played a vital role to create results in the companies that we advise and work with.

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